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When is marriage therapy a bad idea?

When Marriage Therapy is not a Good Idea

Because I am such an advocate of marriage therapy, I often get asked if there are ever times when marriage therapy is not a good idea.  The answer is absolutely!  There are times when individual counseling should occur first or other arrangements need to be made.  Watch this quick video to know if it is […]

labor and delivery

Husbands: 6 Ways to Support Your Wife During Labor

The process of pregnancy, labor, and delivery of a baby is a momentous event for couples.  Women replay those hours leading up to the births of their babies the rest of their life.  They are memories filled with love, tenderness, and excitement, often coupled with anxiety, pain, and fear.  The effort that you make for […]

what's the difference between empathy and sympathy

What is the Difference Between Empathy and Sympathy?

Often people think that empathy and sympathy are really the same thing, when in fact, they are very, very different. This short, minute and a half video will explain and have you empathizing with the best of them in no time. Remember, you can access more videos on the main Video Tip page.  Don’t forget […]