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family traditions

Family Traditions: Do They Really Matter?

I often hear that one of the biggest hang-ups with family traditions is that they are just one more thing to do. We are already tired and stretched so thin, how are we supposed to manage another thing? Do you ever experience that same feeling? The time comes for you to implement a tradition that[Read More...]

kids from interrupting

How to Stop Kids from Interrupting

The September 2014 edition of Parent’s Magazine featured me in their article on how to keep kids from interrupting. Children interrupting is one of the more aggravating aspects of parenting.  It can seem that no matter how hard you try, teaching preschoolers appropriate manners feels like a losing battle.   In addition to the great[Read More...]

When is marriage therapy a bad idea?

When Marriage Therapy is not a Good Idea

Because I am such an advocate of marriage therapy, I often get asked if there are ever times when marriage therapy is not a good idea.  The answer is absolutely!  There are times when individual counseling should occur first or other arrangements need to be made.  Watch this quick video to know if it is[Read More...]